Welcome to C# Academy

We exist to inspire. Learn how to build websites and services from scratch. Whether you're a beginner with no experience or an expert with decades under your belt, we want to help you build new technology using the ultra productive .Net environment.


You don't need a degree to build websites and services. Save your money and learn how to build anything tech related! Without a degree you can earn upwards of $68,000


Learn to build intelligent automated services for virtually anything you need. The automation industry is growing rapidly, keep up with the times by exploring how to become a master of the bots.


Is it time to start a business? Every business can benefit from strong web presence. Learn to build web apps that look and function amazingly. Wix and other beginner website creator tools work well until you need something that they don't support. Learn how easy it is to make your web app do the things you need it to do.


Learn the most versatile programming language on the planet. C# can be used for iPhone/Android Mobile, Desktop, Web, Machine Learning, Internet Of Things(IOT), and Unity (gaming) apps. This means you can create any app with the similar C# logic/syntax